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Japanese Wedding Reception Basics

Get inspired with these Eastern customs. All About Hue Using the bride's uchikake (or red kimono), as a base color, incorporate other “lucky” shades. One popular combo: red and white. Get this look for your reception by arranging red napkins folded into origami shapes next to white wedding china....read more

Posted Wednesday 9/23/2009


Japanese Engagement Party Gifts

There's nothing like an engagement party to get you into the wedding spirit -- and a Japanese betrothal is no different. Similar to a Western engagement party or shower, the Japanese Yui-no is a formal dinner to celebrate the newly engaged couple and the joining of two families. During this get-together,...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/23/2009


What To Wear To A Japanese Wedding

Check out these stylish fashion options for the Japanese bride, groom, and even the guests. The Bride The traditional Japanese wedding dress is a white silk kimono called a shiro-maku, meaning “pure white.” For the ceremony, the bride also puts on a white hood known as a Tsuno kakushi that, according...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/23/2009


6 Creative Ways to Decorate With Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize love, beauty, good fortune, peace, and happiness -- kind of sounds like the perfect wedding theme, doesn’t it? Here are six ways to incorporate these rosy blooms into your ceremony and reception. Paper Flowers Cherry blossoms are considered especially valuable since...read more

Posted Thursday 9/24/2009



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